Dangdang com April price war fighters attack a website at low price

e-commerce is a cloud of fog, all the way back in 2011, the Jingdong Taobao mall,, Gome and other electricity providers giants fight, Tmall (formerly Taobao mall) on B2C for the B2C throne after the second Jingdong, has been regarded as a foe, in April the green in the spring, they did not slow down. April low was alluding to a website



commodity price is the primary concern of consumers, we all love comparison shopping, take you often go to the online shopping place – Taobao shop, do not see a commodity immediately after the purchase, have much to do after comparing several shop where cheaper to make a decision, C2C and B2C are the site of consumers this mentality, is directed by. shown on the

tablet computer price is 979 yuan, and made a comparison, posted a website price to 1019 yuan, the actual difference of 40 yuan as a whole, consumers will choose the lowest price of the same product that house to buy. April low price war fighters attack against the Jingdong

Each of the commodities "low fighter attack" activities of the page will be posted in comparison with other websites, and alluding to " a website", I believe we can guess guess, guess maybe is not accurate, so the author Ye Yuqing also made the next step to verify.


tablet computer in the Jingdong to search a lot, in the mall "into the Jingdong Teclast tablet computer" search results there is indeed a 1019 yuan, and the



According to the

verification has confirmed the April "low fighters attack" event page "a website" mystery, the deadline has Jingdong mall did not responded, the smoke of war and no electricity supplier in 2012 disappeared, but the B2C website is to increase efforts to do propaganda activity.

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