Hulun Buir’s first nternet Conference began to register

      a month after the year 2007 of the second Inner Mongolia Internet webmaster General Assembly held successfully after CO sponsored by the Inner Mongolia Institute of IT lab, called blog, Hulun Buir Tourism Network Co, China Hulun Buir Tietong branch sponsored the first Hulun Buir Internet webmaster General Assembly website today officially launched. This is the second session of the general assembly of the Internet in Inner Mongolia, the capital of Hohhot after the successful convening of the first Internet Conference held in the Union City, is also the first level of the European Union Internet webmaster conference. The General Assembly will be held in Hulun Buir prairie prairie pearl, known as the prairie of Hailar, with a strong culture of Inner Mongolia. This is located in the northern town of Saibei border into the light of grassland civilization. The development of the Internet will be the hiding in the north slope of Greater Khingan Range to China it, to the world. The source of Mongolia commander Gen Gi Khan once get ready for battle, induced by a kind of original power, constantly makes people here more hair and a move towards a brilliant.

      when the snow in November will gradually cover the land of Hulun Buir, it is the first Internet Conference held in Hulun Buir. Flawless in this holy world, a world of ice and snow, a great admirer of the Internet, a group of Internet pioneers in Hulun Buir for the future of the struggle. This debate, communication starts from here, each one airs his own views, the future can be achieved. Communication is now the achievement of the future has become the theme of the current Internet webmaster conference. The current Internet webmaster conference will be about 50 Hulun Buir area to participate in the webmaster, these owners are also the backbone of the Internet in the region. The General Assembly hopes that through the communication and exchanges, once again increase the interaction between the host and the line under the line. Communication in order to learn, exchange can be harvested, the development of cooperation, cooperation in order to win.

      I wish the first Internet Conference in Hulun Buir area was a complete success!

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      Inner Mongolia IT laboratory official: http://s.hlbr.nmglabs.com

      call hospital blog official: http://s.2007.hlbrc.com

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