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"2016 Accenture Technology Trends and prospects:" the world is undergoing a major technological change, especially a digital revolution. Our research model and analysis show that digitization is leading all areas of the economy. In 2015, the global digital economy accounted for 22% of the global economy, and continues to grow rapidly. We expect this proportion will rise from 15% in 2005 to 2020 of 25%. This is the optimistic forecast of Accenture digital transformation of enterprises prospects. The impetus to promote the transformation of the fourth so-called "industrial revolution" digital tide is derived from the three interdependent, mutually reinforcing technology trends: cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence. Especially the cloud computing infrastructure, as this "change", is burst out dazzling brilliance "".


Alibaba’s third rocket Ali cloud

According to Alibaba

latest results, Ali cloud continues to keep a rapid expansion, the income of the sixth consecutive quarter of three digit growth, after expanding into the outbreak period highlights the strong market leading advantage. This quarter, the number of Ali cloud subscribers increased to 651 thousand, to promote revenue grew by 130%, reaching a record high of $1 billion 493 million. Cloud computing paid subscribers grew by 108%, covering finance, health care, public transport, energy, manufacturing, government agencies, games, multimedia and other broader industry and business types. It is necessary to point out that although from a global perspective, cloud computing business to maintain high growth trend, but Ali cloud for the sixth consecutive quarter three digit growth trend is significantly ahead of other cloud computing service providers. In particular, accompanied by Ali cloud in the Middle East, Europe, Japan, Australia, the world’s four largest data center in November to open the service, marking the layout of the layout of the Ali cloud has become more perfect, the expansion of the international market in accelerating.

Deutsche Bank in April released a research report pointed out that in China’s cloud computing market, Alibaba has become the dominant player, cloud computing business scale is second times the number of Tencent 10. Ali cloud in the fourth quarter of 2015 revenues of approximately $128 million, the annual net income is estimated to exceed Google cloud computing volume of the world, into the world’s top three, the formation of 3A (AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud) competition. Alibaba chief financial officer (CFO) Wu Wei said Ali cloud business is the key to continue to run fast, enhance product innovation, strengthen market position. In response to the Amazon AWS, in October this year, Ali cloud announced a full range of cloud products prices down, I believe will further expand the popularity of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and expand the leading edge.


ambitious, running Tencent cloud

compared to Ali cloud, Tencent cloud started slightly late, but the growth rate

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