Government network office to solve livelihood problems

network as a part of people’s lives, not only to provide people with entertainment, leisure, it has played an increasing role. With the development of science and technology, the Internet has penetrated into more and more departments, such as online meetings, online recruitment, and so on.

government has begun to accept the network, the use of the network to start the office, the transfer of government documents, not only convenient, but also save paper to solve national resources. The government office network should play an important function in the communication of the government’s opinion, here the so-called government communication network, not only do the official articles, send documents, propagandize the performance, but required in reality includes the policy interpretation, the people’s livelihood, disadvantages, exposure response government reply and online consultation and so on, can we truly achieve the real social significance of government office network.

June 20, 2008, the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Hu Jintao for the people’s Daily published 60 anniversary in the people’s daily inspection work period devoted to people.com.cn through the forum with netizens online communication. President Hu Jintao at the time of the emergence of the network forum caused no small sensation, foreign media have reported that this is the first time China’s top leaders communicate with netizens online.

with the increasing number of Chinese Internet users, Internet media has now become an important part of mass media in our country, our government pay more and more attention to the role of network media in the public opinion, President Hu Jintao’s first direct dialogue with users, reflects the Chinese government’s information era is more open and democratic ruling style also, each government units have to follow, strengthen the communication with people.

Political commissar of Jiangxi province

Jiujiang Xunyang District Public Security Bureau Sun Yaping, Jiang Ren on the incidence of all team members and relevant departments in April 29th (Wednesday) at 3 pm to 4 pm online exchange with netizens, (see http://s.www.jjxyga.com/showdiary.asp? Id=6) to help people solve their problems, thus increasing the contact between people and the official further, to pay attention to people’s livelihood security problems. This approach can not only effectively solve the problem of Internet users, but also can save the actual office reception costs, reduce government spending.

network for the office of the government to solve a lot of problems, the government has become an essential part of the new government, but also in the authority of the system, the most effective way to respond to the problem.

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