The history of the dark micro blog the story behind the roots



take a walk, it is suitable for all walks of life, also applies to micro-blog.

A friend said "

" pops come, give micro-blog a slap in the face, unfamiliar street came to micro-blog, a slap in the face, WeChat, micro-blog to lovemaking several slap in the face". Ready to evacuate micro-blog, not only ordinary users, but also those grassroots large.

has a friend in Nanjing, Dou Dou, the first large operators, micro-blog circle many people should be familiar with this ID. He directly control the indirect control of 10 million fans, 100 million fans, no name, but run deep, evacuate from entering into, see micro-blog’s wild, dark, flourish and decline.

comb up this string of gossip by linking up the story of micro-blog, WeChat may be able to see some of the development of the figure, perhaps the next generation of social media products to circumvent the point of risk.

for the first large, micro-blog is forced to play

in accordance with the Dou Dou said that in 2009 to do the group of people who are not able to go to the webmaster circle, only to play micro-blog micro-blog.

financial professional after graduation, sinus has played the hardware and 3D map, then all government officials dealing with the gas field, the three, and the play, and he always felt that the grass root entrepreneurs do not take.

chance, sinus that people get together in the Internet Conference, once refreshed. That year, even the top one hundred of the Alex will not be dragged to death, especially simple, especially good talk. Not what circle say, anyway, play to play, there is a sinus was the most tide call: webmaster.

is a high-end webmaster webmaster group ", now heady, CEO investors have disappeared or failure, are on the inside. One day, there was a Sina micro-blog registration code.

this to the webmaster is not fresh, sinus early at any meal and the surging over a large addiction, had tasted was shut down by the tragedy. For just a list one hundred thousand of the owners, for example, the hooligan is well mixed great master, not fed nothing to be evaporated overnight Sina micro-blog play.

, but there’s someone else. Is that a group when the owners when suck brothers, like our Asahi they do Wangzhuan SOCO global less than what money, like wine red blue, there are a lot of people, since the owners have not money, it would change a place to stay, micro-blog micro-blog.

don’t look now someone blows with the prophets, to paraphrase Wong Kar Wai, but the current situation dictates, are forced to.

pioneer period, people get coquettish

2010, micro-blog heat up, tens of thousands of powder account also appeared.

company has just idlers, sinus feel >

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