Strengthen smart home LG executives said all appliances will be built Wi Fi

Beijing time on January 9th morning news LG announced that from 2017 onwards, all home appliances are built in Wi-Fi, to achieve interconnection, the new refrigerator configuration of the Amazon Alexa and camera.

in the past few years, CES display products more and more attention to the Internet, regardless of the product itself, "how ugly in appearance" so we have a smart toothbrush, smart fan, intelligent air fresheners and other strange and eccentric things, and one of the most fantastic number to $100 a pet bowl, it can you buy something from Amazon.

now this phenomenon and finally the rational way. At today’s CES news conference, LG marketing vice president David ·, Wand Weil (David VanderWaal), said, from the beginning of this year, all LG appliances will be connected with the advanced Wi-Fi". The launch of the flagship device Instaview on the CES is the best example of this commitment, this network connection with the smart refrigerator support Amazon Alexa, and integrated with other services.

LG company did not disclose the price of the refrigerator, although Amazon Alexa and Amazon Echo can be placed in the kitchen corner, waiting for your instructions, but the cost is not low. Other useful applications include "stickers and labels" to let you know where and when the refrigerator is located. The fridge is also built with a wide angle camera that allows you to view the refrigerator in the long run, so as not to miss out on the grocery list.

, however, the other functions of the refrigerator is a bit out of common sense. For example, in the 29 inch 1080p touch screen with two clicks, the screen becomes transparent, you can directly see the things in the fridge, normally, you only need to seize the refrigerator handle, apply enough force to open the door, you can see. In addition, this refrigerator is equipped with webOS also opened an Internet browsing and application, the purpose is as soon as you feel that using a mobile phone or tablet computer is not too high, can stand in front of the fridge and try.

like all Internet connected appliances, the problem to be solved is safe, because there is no unified style Windows drive platform, manufacturers can not update the system, some parts have been used for a long time. Once these are difficult to prevent security endpoint by hackers, may easily constitute a large botnet. Privacy is also a problem, even if there is no leakage, manufacturers will use their smart device services to the user to push advertising or audio and video recording, there is a suspected illegal.

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