AB arena scores a two dimensional kill love


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"we are not willing to stand up to A, not to take it as a competitor." A B station staff said playfully.

he was disgusted by the A station (AcFun) is the earliest China video barrage site, established in 2007, after 2 years, the monopolized situation is broken, A senior Xu Yi fled their own user station, set up another barrage site B station (Bilibili). A big wave A station users will also shift.

, however, until after a barrage of popular culture, the story became really wonderful — the last two or three years, a barrage of each big video website, once the standard two dimensional niche sites has become a symbol of this trend, capital, market, business, IP…… The emergence of AB stations, but also inseparable from these hot topics.

after the acquisition of the contradiction between the AB station has been sought after. Different from the commercial pure bloody pies, A station and B station "tear" tour, is full of slot points of the two dimension. Two pains and sorrows, has become a staple of users.

"maybe, this is true love," a senior AB station user small intermediary told Sina technology.

"it must be next door!"

AB station once a recent dispute occurred in the earlier this month.

news has been exposed by the media: A station operating without a license, by the Beijing municipal cultural market administrative law enforcement corps punishment and warning.

reported that the lack of A station network video necessary permits and network culture business information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit, People’s Republic of China value-added telecommunications business license, without approval, without authorization to engage in Internet cultural activities and Internet audio-visual program service.

this is not new. As early as the beginning of 2014, AB station was simultaneously broke out without a license to operate, both of its acfun.tv and bilibili.tv was also pulled into the blacklist ministry. However, B station later call at SMG (Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group) received audio-visual license, first solve the matter.

"this is obviously someone in the dark for us", A station, a staff of anonymity, told Sina, "this is the next tactics, in order to improve their own worth, and give us some resistance financing".

AB – this is the next station to each other "nickname". Earlier, after the "young lady", "NBA" and other famous mutual tear after the incident, AB antagonism gone up, all related to the negative news of their own, that the other party is, "it must be the next dry" would be popular.

in fact, the beginning of the AB station of the story, it really is the original gas and one family home, it was moved to ancestral home, next door to buy a home to the new.

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