How to build a successful B2C e commerce shopping website

with the rapid development of the network, B2C e-commerce website with its convenient, fast characteristics by more users of all ages. Compared with the traditional store sales, B2C e-commerce website can be commodity detailed classification, provides more choices for the user; through the display of goods, customers can make a better understanding of the mall merchandise; network shopping cart to make customers truly stay at home, the purpose of online shopping.

is an excellent B2C shopping website construction is not only a shopping program, should be combined with the experience in e-commerce operations, with its strong technical strength, the development of research on sustainable network marketing achievements, is provided to the user experience as the core, the solution to the network marketing system as a whole, in order to benefit into the support target. Here I would like to introduce:

B2C electronic commerce website construction is one of the most popular sites profit model, B2C e-commerce shopping site is built on the basis of network marketing, because of its better use of the Internet to solve our transactions in the intermediate links (such as order management, online payment), so we in the construction of this web site marketing type website construction should be in accordance with the rules, even higher requirements to every detail. Because we found a large number of B2C shopping website is not for the website investors to create benefit, the reason is very simple, no one to really understand the user, unable to obtain user trust e-commerce website can achieve success. The secret of success lies in the use of Taobao network marketing rules to frame an e-commerce website, we ensure that the user oriented and the search engine is friendly, through carries on the analysis to each customer group of users, we for each client development site is unique. Because we have done a detailed description of the construction of the marketing website, we will repeat the following 2 key points:


oriented search engine friendly, because through reasonable website structure and content organization can achieve SEO search engine optimization, so as to allow more users through the search engine keyword search to find us, website promotion and publicity purposes. (of course, today’s Taobao is no longer needed).

2, has a good user experience at any time is the most important, so as to obtain the trust of users and is convenient for users to buy goods, for example VI image, site navigation, column section, shopping process, product display, payment, service information, customer service guarantee and so on, will have a lot of influence user experience.

B2C e-commerce shopping website construction errors:

1, many people may think that the construction of B2C e-commerce website is a simple thing, because everywhere this free download, of course, if you do not have money or purely personal interest to try to be, but if you prepare them as a business plan in a development project of enterprises or individuals to implement, it certainly can not meet your requirements. Bi >

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