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17 rice

[Abstract] positioning white-collar, packaged takeout, not only 17 steps, even with the use of raw materials is expired.




business partner Tencent seedlings

lucky, I have 17 meals with top weiyuan.

pen hand scissors, bibimbap, chicken, cockroaches everywhere, this is news Beijing News survey in August 9th published the "Baidu" eco kitchen "expired" described in the dishes do takeout scene. Baidu takeaway platform on the 17 rice, big gong and other popular takeaway snack, Ann Xiaolu have caught, broke the existence of unlicensed health conditions and problems.

it is worth noting that the focus of the Beijing news will be set in the new takeaway brand 17 meals. 17 rice launched in March this year, known as the "direct sourcing of raw materials", "five star chef", "Seventeen steps to create a bowl of lunch," slogan "is a period for a while, one meal a day". In the past propaganda, 17 rice has also been safe, health as their main label.

, however, is such a "full of feelings" the conscience of enterprises, but in the investigation of the Beijing news was completely changed: 17 rice takeaway white-collar, beautifully packaged positioning, not only the 17 processes, even with the use of raw materials is expired.


take out a problem, blame


in the event after the outbreak, Baidu quickly responded, claiming that someone’s kitchen is opened by ecological catering units third, only Baidu and its relations of cooperation, and called each other "license, good environmental health, food safety is guaranteed".

in fact, we are not difficult to see from the Beijing News reported that the source of someone’s eco kitchen products are Baidu takeaway warehouse, the main sales platform is Baidu takeaway. In addition, according to media surveys, the shareholders of someone’s eco kitchen is also inextricably linked with the management of Baidu takeaway.

even if we agree with Baidu’s excuse to recognize the ecological kitchen is opened by third party catering units, Baidu is still difficult to get rid of the responsibility of poor oversight. Baidu takeaway now has 40 thousand knights, many Knights have seen these restaurants have serious health problems, and said it would not let the family to buy someone’s brand takeaway. It is hard to imagine that Baidu executives are ignorant of the poor health of these suppliers.

addition, in another report of the Beijing News, we can see that Baidu executives absolutely ignorant of the ecological kitchen is not chaos, they even blamed the store employees, "the health of your family is too poor, a room full of flies, cockroaches. Which shop is not better than your shop? "

a little more ironic is that, even if the event has been fermented for several days, but.

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