Global rare heavyweight domain 17 com settled in China

news (December 16th), it is reported that the pure digital domain name 2 digit just by domestic domain name investors put jump in the bag, China means investors a pure digital Acura domain name, domain name Chinese Internet practitioners consciousness is more and more strong.

it is understood that the domain name is a pure digital domain name, easy to remember, the number 17 represents, together, the meaning of the instrument.,, and other domestic many game sites are at the beginning of 17, 17 on behalf of everyone playing games, investors said that the domain name used to create a game portal or gaming platform, will be a good choice.

reporter from investors Dai Yue who learned that the domain name is he spend millions of funds to purchase or transfer station, is currently considering the domain name, the domain name said he wanted to have a good use, reflect the value of the domain name, Dai Yue told reporters there has been domestic large game companies contacted him, because of the price temporarily, rejected the request of the other party.

according to the reporter further understood that a jump in the domain of investment of nearly 5 years, has successfully sold hundreds of fine domain, including domestic famous website Chinese business network, and about on-line quality domain names become his classic case. Before the stage, wearing a million to buy China’s 20 major cities referred to as the ".CC" domain name.

finally, Dai Yue told reporters that more and more friends now join the domain name investment industry, I hope they do not mind fever, prudent investment, creative chaos casually suggest that they first in the domain name registration, Chinese renamed domain names platform to see more, don’t get anxious, it is best to buy some of the value of hard currency, waiting for we go to the good domain name registration is almost impossible.

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