China’s first forum aggregation portal banner network suddenly closed

banner network announcement

Phoenix Science and technology news July 28th news, China’s earliest forum portal portal network polymerization announcement, saying that due to business needs, with immediate effect to terminate the provision of content services. In fact, in early July, the banner of network has stopped updating, but the official did not always give any explanation.

public information, is the earliest Chinese banner network forum aggregation portal was founded in November 2004, originally called, renamed in March 2006 has been a banner network, IDG technology venture investment fund and the United States in the group’s investment.

banner network is committed to providing users with hot topics and consumption trend of Internet information, the core group is to lead the trend of consumption and the topic of the trend of urban opinion leaders. The website home page, including social, entertainment, digital, automotive, military, curiosity, sharp life, texture, fashion, DIGG, reputation list, experience center and other channels.

is the following announcement:

respected banner network users, thank you for many years of company. Due to business needs, we immediately terminate the provision of content services. Please forgive us for the inconvenience. Banner network July 2015

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