Wangzhuan industry for more than two years with the couple talk about experience

Do Wangzhuan

has been more than two years, from a higher rookie to now, experienced frustrations, and also won the progress and achievements, there have been some words to talk about a couple of new hope, people don’t follow my steps and avoid some mistakes made due to lack of experience and take some detour.

remember when I first contact Wangzhuan, like many newcomers to some Wangzhuan station and forums to find Wangzhuan, have also attracted some of the so-called "day to earn hundreds of thousands of" advertising, so once fantasized "good" in the future, then I would like to: the original Wangzhuan so easily. Now think then the idea is very naive, here are warned that the so-called "day to earn a few hundred" confused new friends, in fact, the so-called "day to earn a few hundred" Wangzhuan project although it is logical, but is in fact outdated Wangzhuan project, that is to say once can indeed money really can earn hundreds, but at that time no one will be open these secrets, because any business opportunities, more people do, the more intense competition, the more difficult it is to make money. As the saying goes: there is no wall. The project has been more and more see and use the Wangzhuan master, to the last day to earn a few hundred to become once brilliant. At the end of the day to earn a few hundred "projects are being used to sell" Wangzhuan cultural relics".

to do Wangzhuan, exercise a solid basic skills is a must. The process of Wangzhuan methods is a mental process, so we’re used to thinking of some Wangzhuan, including some outdated Wangzhuan can also be used to obtain anatomical analysis, principle, some Wangzhuan from the rule, method, method for Wangzhuan new research may have some enlightenment, the real master is Wangzhuan. Their research project, brought from the hands of others, can only earn some pocket money.

Two more than

with friends to talk about it can be seen that a property of higher project, that is the time. That is to say, Wangzhuan can let some people earn money in the short term as, but often are difficult to develop flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, for a long time, that is to say, do Wangzhuan must be industrious, constantly thinking, constantly looking for, continuous operation, to get long-term income, in fact, under the net to do business is the reason, there is no unearned income, pie in the sky, the pie, the trap is as big


from the broad sense, the concept is through the Internet to make money online. The above mentioned types of Wangzhuan often associated with online advertising, but also a higher type is: electronic commerce; also can be said that the network advertisement is e-commerce services on the Internet, so to venture out their own piece of heaven and earth, suggest that you know more about e-commerce projects, but the difficulty of e-commerce is not to be underestimated, do e-commerce funds tend to be higher than do wangzhuan. And the need for network promotion, human resources and other aspects of the investment income, but compared to Wangzhuan timeliness longer.


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