Taobao mall by rival poaching Tencent Dangdang give emergency small businesses

October 14th morning news, Taobao mall remains trapped in confrontation and small sellers, its competitors to high-profile small businesses olive branch: Tencent mall said security costs far lower than Taobao, and do not accept the technical service fee. The Dangdang issued a high-profile announcement that it will not increase the cost of platform management.

this game because of substantial price increases caused by the storm, let Taobao mall these days face small sellers attack brand business’s troubles, malicious attacks continued in the case of small sellers, Taobao mall is faced with "foreign aggression", competitors have to stand at this high-profile small sellers, intended to draw more small merchant.

Today the

QQ mall "hundreds of millions of marketing resources big run QQ mall merchants in the hot investment announcement" in a number of important position to hang out and Tencent, said QQ mall received only 20 thousand yuan deposit, do not charge technical service fee. The new rules of Taobao mall is 3-5 million technical service fees, 5-15 million deposit, but also the reason why small sellers dissatisfied attack.

at the same time, QQ mall also said that in January 2012 before the new businesses, and excellent performance of the old businesses, will be packaged with billions of dollars worth of marketing support resources, including training courses, special promotions and free seller tools, and that is more than the average standard of performance you can get 100 thousand yuan reward resources.

but Tencent mall also said, keep at any time to provide services for their own fees and determine the appropriate service fee rates".

and Taobao mall and another rival, the announcement today, said the platform business department received a number of continuous business telephone consultation, ask whether the recent will improve the management fee and deposit, and some businesses are more excited mood".

said its, improve the platform business charges not in the short term, will continue to maintain a low level of the industry platform for business charges, including the maintenance of the business platform management fee of 500 yuan a month to maintain unchanged unchanged, the proportion of sales commission.

also stressed that ", regardless of business size, regardless of the business category, as long as the low price, perfect service to ensure genuine customer service, to provide consumers with more shopping as long as the selection of reliable, the audit can be settled." (Cui Xi)

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