A new algorithm of Google and Yahoo rank who are more benevolent

      here is a tool for comparing Yahoo and Google ranking results. Yahoo and Google ranking results compared to the blue dot represents the same site in two sites of different rankings. The two ends of the line with a blue dot is the same site, the mouse can be seen above. And all the lines did not show parallel lines, shows the same website ranking in different search engines, this experiment tell us, take Yahoo and Google in technology is two completely different algorithms, which is the king who dared to say! Because these two sites do belong to the world’s leading institutions in the world.

      I found some in many places can see the words in the search engine, a foreign SEO experts concluded subtle difference between Yahoo and Google ranking: 1, Google: the most important link link breadth breadth, Yahoo did not emphasize this; 2, Meta Tags: Google has looked Meta the label, Yahoo is very important; 3, key words in domain name: Yahoo more keyword domain name than Google; 4, Yahoo will grab HTML notes (with " " quoted text, code), and Google.

      let us briefly analyze these four incisive words.

      1, Google than Yahoo pay more attention to the link breadth, so what is the link width?

      Popularity (Link link) some articles translated as link popularity, link extensive degree, etc., in fact, is a meaning. In the search engine marketing, commonly used to measure the number of link popularity website links to other sites are also called "chain number", or colloquially called "external links" and "is the number of links to other sites". In the English vocabulary has a special term for "I ound Link" to describe the "external links" and "Outbound link" (the synonym is "external link").

      often we speak of external links, if you want to know the number of external links to your blog, open the yahoo page of the http://s.sitemap.cn.yahoo.com/badge real-time display of your blog or site is the number of links, you can clearly see how many websites link to your website.

      2, Yahoo more than Google

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