P2P suffered a tragic history of investors readme 13 platform run away blame their death

net loan is based on private lending, in fact, is also a kind of usury, which has a prospect and huge market space, also has a bottomless danger and the future, the growth of new things is a process.


I am a grass root, beginning in mid 2012, net loan investment, see the delight, the grass root for the convenience and benefits not speaking here, so anxious to dive in and start the investment pat credit Hongling venture, peer-to-peer lending loans, easy loan, bit 365, 000 children eight thousand, tens of hundreds of yuan of income at every month, heart, to build up the family fortunes Road, every day on how to vote, vote where.

unfortunately, achieves guku million, net loan is the same, the growth of new things is always accompanied by pain, in 2013, I became to chase high interest activists, at that time only to higher interest rates, think of themselves that hundreds of thousands of hurried pace, never considered risk, because in 2012 fraud platform rarely run away. The first is to enter a new platform Yohyo loan, JETCO times, when the large scale and JETCO mad days, 3 interest 5, the first quarter of 2013 this level is very high, and I don’t want to go in the hundreds of thousands of. The disaster began from the investment cast silver, silver, guarding every group, then know the world through online banking, the famous sister know, behind the net win higher interest rates, and a variety of tall, decisive input 600 thousand part is my sister to me, and now want to also frightened, Sheraton meal good ah. Fortunately, I want to turn back my sister to work, to mention about four hundred thousand. So, from the beginning I started to win, 2013 of the net loan to the trail of tears. At the end of July, cash difficulties, the first time to call the old clock, clock and full of confidence, no problem, is the bank loan out a little problem resolved quickly, please continue to support. So decisively support continued investment, at the beginning of August, the situation is very bad, the net win group also make Cha, I realized the seriousness of the problem, the old clock every day to call Zhong Jie, finally catch the wave at the end to the forty thousand or fifty thousand. Later we all know, net win collapsed, I am worried ah, wanted to buy a car, not very distressed ten. But that time is very naive, not because of the thunder in the more careful, but want to get the money back, and began to enter the tour group, bun, orange, Sun Group, wished to interest to 10 Fen, where high rushed to where. At that time I believe that as long as the high dispersion, dispersion, an industry also never mind. Su-i do not know, delegation of the music network and sea, brilliant, every family, were spared, by force, Oriental, Huizhou, DESAY, Jiangcheng, Zhejiang 365 of all dead, only the timely rain is opening early, hurry back. The second half of last year, I was to serve the grassroots, all things work together face every morning a multitude of things, but the one or two platforms hang up their own investment, the taste of the kind of suffering now recall a ray of sad, I basically dropped forty thousand or fifty thousand. Originally >

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