The old station talk promotion focus on wasting time and energy Mo

webmaster who have one kind of experience that most sites do: when a certain period of time, after the promotion has become an essential need to do homework everyday, every webmaster has to face a lot of websites and forums, consider how to start today’s promotion, especially in order to ensure the effect of the promotion, hard-working webmaster would rather choose their own manual promotion in the famous forum, high weight forum, rather than choose to use a fast but post machine effect is difficult to guarantee the way. As a result, the workload as can be imagined, how much needs to be thoughtful and face to choose how much, in the face of this situation, as an old webmaster, I want to share some experience and experience in the promotion in the face of large engineering heart.

focus, excellent selection of fine

website promotion, efficiency and effect is the most important factor, the most taboo is no focus on large area promotion, may spend a lot of time and energy, but the effect is not good. Therefore, in this regard, I suggest that we must focus on outstanding, excellent election.

how to do this? All forum webmaster resources should be in the hands of their own, according to the positioning of a website or forum with the theme selection, promotion platform is associated with their own content, these resources are selected from a large number of resources, at the same time some forum the forum and forum posting and a little atmosphere do note, to remind myself in the "water" and the text needs attention etc.. In addition, we need to take a certain amount of time in the daily routine inspection of the existing platform to promote the weight change, as well as the exploration of new resources. Quick success in the promotion process may take the attitude, otherwise not only can not receive good results, such as promotion account is more likely to result in hard maintenance blocked.

for the promotion of soft paper and used in the chain, also want to take the attitude of selecting the fine, not to have a lazy effort is already used in some "old" plot or promotion articles, should spend more time for the creation of the soft, and updated according to the current hot issues, combined with the promotion of positioning the forum as well as the theme of their own website, making not only to attract eyeballs, and not too obvious advertising promotion soft, according to different requirements to choose whether to join the platform to promote the chain in the body, which can ensure the promotion effect.

time spent on the blade, do not blindly irrigation guest

in addition to the promotion, it takes considerable time for the content of the website maintenance and constantly update and upgrade, so must be responsible for their own time, do not indulge in the forum in the promotion of irrigation and chat, put a lot of time wasted on pure water chat.

especially in the promotion of high level forum, account not only means higher post and permission to send attachments, but also represents a more reliable trust, so webmaster in the promotion should be the most common forum, spend some time with each theory >

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