Circle of friends mask truth survey two months to prepare the international big name


Dialogue screenshots

agents and primary agents, reflect the primary dealers to earn money.


Express a single and ready goods drying out

mask agents circle of friends, to create a micro business is busy making money.


Express a single and ready goods drying out

mask agents circle of friends, to create a micro business is busy making money.

WeChat in your circle of friends is a mask captured? If not, you may suggest that the circle of friends is too small. Recently, the Beijing News and Qing research think tank jointly launched a survey showed that 84.8% of people in the circle of friends to see someone selling mask.

circle of friends in the "Mask" how? Beijing News reporter survey found that through the network agency, to create a new "circle of friends" mask, company registration, from product design to final finished product sale, the fastest flow of less than two months. Some never heard of the name of "international big" by Hyun function, making the concept, and then through the layers of the limelight fare sold to consumers.

Derivative products of

in the face of the dragons and fishes jumbled together, the Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration food and Drug Inspection Corps supervisor battalion captain Li Min suggested that WeChat Platform party should strengthen the derivative of the control, such as the implementation of strict audit mechanism, formulate relevant rules, increase the transparency of consumption. If there is no effective management and guidance, micro business will be difficult to get on the right track.

micro quotient start

"Red Net" with three products detonated circle of friends

said the micro circle of friends, "90 net red" Zhou Menghan was the most famous, she was exposed after studying abroad to create a "Red Net" status, the accumulation of 100 thousand fans and the sale of the mask, but also the development of the assembly line, claiming the annual income of nearly 8 digits. While her three mask made some sellers almost ruined.

media exposure problems of course, more than one person Zhou Menghan. There have been media survey found that 90 girls founded by Wang Xiangyu’s "Princess Leia" diet pills, not only without the approval number, quality certification, also suspected of false propaganda. In 2014, Wang Xiangyu founded another weight-loss drug "Odin feather".

within a year, "Odin feather" by netizens for "three noes" products, "after this month did not come to menstruation, back pain, dizziness, pale yellow" buyers emerge in an endless stream of complaints.


aoting feather" claiming to be the Austrian ancient Na Biotechnology (Switzerland) International Holdings Limited in Asia’s flagship product, and the company was Bachu is a shell company registered in Hongkong in March 2014.

packaging manufacturers also denied the production of the product, "there are a lot of people"