Learning millet model elephant condom can win a single product does not


Liu Kenan, founder of the elephant from the resignation of 90 90 entrepreneurs, so you can see some shadow millet marketing. For example, is completely Internet sales, limited, Q& A, love the red fruit and similar products compare (especially Durex) etc.. The condom seen found in the official website, the website or product itself regardless of the sense of design are very distinctive, compared with the traditional condom does have some characteristics, such as single hand open, with a positive resolution, wipes, dice and the like, can feel the "young condom" is what meaning.

but the reason why my friend said "slightly rough" to his frown.

1, for comparison

, like millet, elephant condoms like to do with rivals. The difference is the comparison of the data listed in the millet is very detailed, CPU frequency, memory size, etc.. The elephant only lists the thickness and the amount of oil.

The thickness of

elephant is still "003", "still" is because see the data of the first reaction is known for ultra-thin Okamoto, which is almost can be seen in the major supermarkets in the most expensive of these products. The problem is that the Okamoto 003 is the pursuit of a symbol of the thickness, Okamoto itself can not guarantee to reach the level of 0.03mm……


3C is not the product of condoms, not to use data to generalize, the words of friends called "docile" and "touch" is also important. Ask the professionals, the answer is thin and touch condom is contrary to some extent, the theory on the thinner touch worse, so need in workmanship and materials to work on, to make up for the pursuit of thin due to the uncomfortable. And I believe that friends feel that the elephant is thin but rough problem mostly out of this.

2, limited edition

limited in this point it is only a little better than millet just do not need to buy, the drawback is that there is always limited to 10 thousand – even less than the volume of millet phone. Who has seen the replacement of condoms than the mobile phone frequency is still low?

3, price

59 yuan a box, each box of 7, equivalent to more than a single price of more than 8. Check the next Tmall, the famous Okamoto 003 average 7 yuan a, Durex and Jissbon say nothing, so the price is actually the cancellation of the middle part of the Internet price, hold my wallet but cannot hold the user’s wallet, which makes for the safety of young people "thinking. Why campbell.

4, Internet mode

this problem is more fundamental, condoms in the end how much suitable for survival in the Internet model?

whether it is a movie or a life, we often encounter such problems, when the mood to find no condom, hurried downstairs to buy, which is why the size of the supermarket to condoms and chewing gum.