Chongqing remediation false drug information release illegal website will be banned

recently, a reporter from the Chongqing Municipal Food and drug supervision and Management Bureau, centralized management from Chongqing food and Drug Administration will be carried out within the city for a period of 3 months using the Internet to publish false information, illegal drug sales special action to protect the people of Chongqing drug safety.

it is understood that the special action will be the first in Chongqing City, the existing Internet drug information service and transaction service legal site, a comprehensive clean-up, strengthening the online dynamic monitoring, the release of the treatment of diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, rheumatism, gout, sexual dysfunction Difficult miscellaneous diseases information, without the approval of the drug sales as the focus of monitoring, and timely release the Internet purchase warning announcement to expose the illegal publication of false drug information and drug sales sites, suggesting that consumers of online consumers right.

Chongqing Municipal Food and drug administration official said, refuses to rectification or serious website, will cancel the "Internet drug information service qualification certificate" or "Internet drug business qualification certificate", and transferred to the traffic management departments shall be closed; in addition, the illegal publication of false drug information and drug sales involving the production and operation enterprises will also be included in the "black list", if the circumstances are serious products involved will be forced to suspend sales.

Chongqing, the public can log on the food and Drug Administration ( website "medical advertising enterprise credit system construction column" and "online purchase of medicines safety warning" check the list of illegal sites and enterprises.

reporter Zhang Yi