Daily topics LETV became a subsidiary of cool second shareholders was stabbed 360

A5 ( station network June 29th news, yesterday evening cool made announcement that the board of directors of the company received a controlling shareholder of Data  Data  Dreamland told Dreamland in June 27, 2015 and the agreement. After the completion of the transaction, LETV cost $2 billion 180 million stake in cool, accounting for 18% shares, becoming the top second shareholders of cool.

announcement, Data  Dreamland agrees to sell and the buyer agrees to purchase 780,38 million shares (representing 18% of the company’s issued share capital), at a cost of HK $3.508 per share. After the completion of the agreement, Data  Dreamland holdings in the cool group will be reduced to 881,96 million shares (representing 20.3% of the issued share capital), and Data  Dreamland will no longer be the controlling shareholder.

but before, its 360 mobile phone brands our technology has just announced the completion of its electricity supplier brand great God cool mobile phone business merger. Our joint venture will run directly by the surgeon Zhou Hongyi, our brand and brand great god. However, as a friend of the music, as also announced the shares of cool, 360 , OS can also do so cool brands are also used, will no longer be as simple as the original. The mobile phone business, and has 360 music competition, but "love" cool, after have looked good! The music as this is also considered to 360 behind the "knife".

has been cool is considered to be one of the most closely cooperate with the three operators of mobile phone manufacturers. The industry believes that cool in the past, behind the high sales and low profits, is a large number of operators to implement channels and low profit products caused by. The cool transformation is in the carrier channel cuts in subsidies, cool mobile phone sales have surged after opening.

In addition to mobile phone

entrance, as the music is still regarded as an inherent advantage of the traditional mobile phone manufacturers – a huge production supply chain capabilities. Cool R & D advantages, the advantages of traditional manufacturing, channel advantages, can help the Internet giant to seize the mobile Internet portal. Cool from last year to do large-scale structural adjustment, no longer attached to the machine sea tactics, but the contraction of the front sprint in the high-end. To a certain extent, the production line resources for the two sides play an indispensable role.

as a traditional mobile phone brand, cool accumulated advantages in technology, the Internet is a brand can not match, the Internet is also coveted by brand. The cumulative total patent cool has more than 6000 overseas patent applications, more than 500 items, be roughly the same in the industry HUAWEI and zte. Cool in the country already has 6 R & D base, more than 2000 technical personnel, the line has a direct store in the more than and 500.

so whether it is the domestic market, or the future of overseas city >

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