Copy the 100 copy finally can write a copy

writing is like a math problem.

mathematics master is how to learn?. Mathematical textbooks are also prepared to understand the example, and then go to practice problem-solving, the final exam can be handy. Copy of the learning method is also the case, from the imitation of the classic start. Finish 100 questions, you can write a copy of the.

a, put forward new ideas

[model] mountain piano.

the children will not go bad.



this topic is very clever. It is the psychological strategy, starting from the perspective of parents, children piano is conducive to physical and mental health. This is the parents are most concerned about, it is easy to win recognition. Creative thinking is to put forward new ideas, so that users are inspired.

exercises 1: whitening mask.

all of a sudden white mask history are not innocent.

exercise 2: game mouse.

play what must be careful.

two, unique sales proposition

[model] MM chocolate.

is soluble in the mouth and not in the hand.



"only soluble in the mouth, insoluble in the hand" fully reflects the MM chocolate back to the temperature technology excellent. The melting point of the chocolate is almost the same as that of the mouth, and the temperature of the hands is low, which reflects the exquisite technology and the production of MM chocolate. Creative ideas, unique selling proposition.

exercise 1: surround sound.

you don’t know where the sound came from.

exercise 2: luggage.

can hold all your favorite things.

three, the use of public psychology


] Sibadi cigarette case.

one million people choose, is not wrong.



gold silver cup as with reputation. By using the word of mouth, it conveys all the positive information and explains all the negative questions. So people smoke this cigarette, taste should be no problem. Save your breath, good to see you know. Creative ideas, reputation as a selling point.

exercise 1: China Telecom.

700 million people’s choice, my choice

exercise 2: Hong fluttering tea.

xiangpiaopiao tea, cup together a circle around the earth.


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