How to maintain the vitality of new sites is the key

today to talk about how to do as soon as possible to attract new sites Google, Baidu and other major search engine crawler – search spiders, in order to quickly increase the number of sites included in it.

get everyone happy, the website domain name in late November for less than half a month’s time, Google has included more than 2 thousand website information, Baidu has included items have also been in more than 100. Some people will ask why the site included from the domain name registration to the search engine included thousands of messages so quickly? In fact, the so-called secret even for ordinary people is not what one is too profound to be understood, the original article.

want to talk about the original, the webmaster friends said, although it is a liberal arts background, if one day to write a original article is OK, but if one day write ten original articles of words, I am afraid that no one will beat a retreat. Now we have to talk about the original article false, pseudo original, as its name implies, is a fake, fake so-called original article. Someone may say, this is not a fake? Yes, oh, but if not (we come back to the topic), said one day can really write the complete original article, what can have several? This is to help you take a shortcut. To our website, for our ideal, resources and methods must use all available to create opportunities! Well, now how can we create a truly just perfect pseudo original article.

first of all, we need to figure out some problems, and not we just took a else essay just will use "used" and not do any modification, we must be on the "outside", of course, for our own website is made for us really belongs to the original site. How to "eliminate" Oh, a discussion. The first to talk about this a few days a hilarious happy everyone encountered problems: a few days ago, happy everyone wrote an article entitled "selection and positioning" happy to everyone from Master circle’s first talk about the SNS domain name of the website will have individual articles, this article is reproduced after changed its name from Master circle selection and reservation open heart everyone tail to say SNS domain name "(do not know whether the machine automatically change), this is hilarious! You look, is it a pseudo original? This is what we have always said that we should hold a" degree "of the problem, imagine: a friend found this article through a search engine, he will find that most of the other articles on this site surprised (possibly all) also appeared in such a situation, not only the content of thought, and even the title is also the donkey lip wrong The horse mouth! We can see, this website will bring what kind of impression to you? The answer is: dumpster! Of course, the search engine is becoming more and more intelligent, the "donkey lip", "horse’s mouth" the article does not give the station to what interests, because you will see, a little surprised, this pseudo original articles appear on the website.

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