85 donkey groom Gu Fenyuan youth entrepreneurship taught me to play

before the rain and snow, the temperature suddenly dropped, the northwest wind from the open door and window into cold, people shivering. The morning of the 20 day, keep the buzz, a jeans 85 "donkey groom" Gu Fenyuan has been busy in the pens inside and outside. As more than 200 donkeys "nanny", he gave the donkey injections, while handling the hay, with his donkey only the whine from time to time.

Gu Fenyuan currently known in Urumqi. 4 years ago, he gave up a house and a car to work every day, nine to five city life, into the business stream, back to the three Road Town Village in the rice palace in his home city of Urumqi, built as the size of the Shandong Dezhou black donkey breeding base in the local localization.

at first, young Gu Fenyuan quite a few detours. He first called for the villagers set up Golden Oasis Ecological Organic Farmer Cooperatives, hope the villagers planted organic rice is extended to a broader market. But the high-end price, the lack of a mature sales network, making his first entrepreneurial passion in the market suffered a rebuff.


in tenacity, Gu Fenyuan many visits, and turned to the donkey industry. High nutritional value of donkey milk, the price of 100 yuan per kilogram, in some large hospitals around the supply. As a source of forage feed donkey, was past to burn straw, rice straw." Gu Fenyuan has a good future.

look for direction, his relatives and multi-party financing, contracted by the village a nearly 200 acres of wasteland in Gobi, Wells Road, built in the cowshed, donkey, horse, sheep, supplemented by aquaculture.

5 million yuan start-up capital soon spent, and the circle of the donkey did not return, but also because it is difficult to adapt to the climate of Xinjiang and the owner of a lack of farming experience, heavy casualties, cooperatives and other villagers to investment, entrepreneurship in difficult times.

had been Fenyuan Gu’s father then support entrepreneurship shaken, as the village rice grower, he left a substantial reason for his son, he would have been frittered away. He tried to persuade his son to give up, but did not expect a small food, spoiled son Yaoding venture this way, is not promoted.

friends in well-dressed, enjoy the modern life in the city, Gu Fenyuan years and his donkey accompanied them, about two meals a day, they learn to see a doctor, midwife, milking. Every night, even up two times, for the upcoming production of mare without signs of childbirth.

"once, more than 2 in the morning to find a donkey soon, the clock at 5 to see a result, was too tired to sleep until 7, a small donkey has suffocated in his ass." Gu Fenyuan said, this thing makes him sad for a long time, he told himself, if one more effort, the results will be different.

in the plight of Gu Fenyuan from the local government timely help. In 2015, by the government to provide guarantees 1 million 500 thousand yuan interest free loan solution as pressing danger. Three Ba Zhen Zhen.

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