Almost become Betta A station B station why come over

if the A station fill pit (updated video resources) to keep up with the pace of change the speed of the director."

– A station user "Goki sauce"

recently, barrage video site AcFun (A station) chairman and CEO Moran, due to frequent infighting in the resignation of the company "news, this distance Moran took office in January less than 8 months. This is the third time A station in the past 6 years to replace CEO.


According to the Sina

game, ifeng.com reported that barrage video site AcFun (A station) chairman and CEO Moran recently to the board of directors resigned from all positions, A board of directors has also agreed to Moran’s resignation, and appointed Vice President of the Austrian flying entertainment and chief strategy officer Li Bin served as chairman of the board, the original A station Liu Yanyan took over as editor in chief CEO.


as the barrage video site originator, A station had a domestic barrage video site "the first taste of the soup". But the A station was established nine years ago from the beginning of turmoil continued, the management also makes the operation of frequent replacement of long-term chaos, make the market position by the old rival BiliBili (B station) beyond the barrage network.

capital is turbulent

Behind the

A station each blood transfusion has capital into the Bureau of figure.

2010 A station became a little fish. At A station founder Xilin to 4 million yuan will be sold to the incumbent Betta CEO Chen Shaojie. Chen Shaojie embarked on the rectification of the A station into a video game site, began to cultivate live anchor. But this position does not match the capital side goals, Chen Shaojie can only be sold to the A station after the ruling Yang Xinmiao.


A station in 2014 to get Austrian flying animation investment, Austrian flying entertainment founder and chairman Cai Dongqing, Austrian flying interactive entertainment business group CEO became the largest shareholder of A station. Since then, the Austrian flying entertainment grasp the basic direction of the development of the site control.

June 2015, Youku potatoes also inject A station, A station at CEO min sun. But only after 7 months, that is January of this year, A station China Softbank invested $60 million, CEO from the sun min for moran. Massive layoffs and infighting, rumors began to ferment from this time.

count the capital strength behind the A station, there is a huge difference between the Austrian flying animation, one group, Youku potatoes, etc. Chinese Softbank business direction, the development demands of A station is also different. Youku potatoes even after the prosecution of A station copyright infringement, in order to obtain 18% stake in the A station to resolve the dispute.


financing side did not bring too much resources to the A station, bringing endless changes in the management of personnel.


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