Buy site credit certification effect is not a lack of recognized standards


in October 29th this year, China International Electronic Commerce Center released the country’s first e-commerce credit certification rules, a total of 29 websites to buy a certificate issued by the first certification. (TechWeb with


[TechWeb] November 25th news reports yesterday, Beijing lawyer Wang Yajun Department of Commerce China International Electronic Commerce Center is certified to the relevant units to report, once again sparked discussion about the topic of the group purchase certification. This TechWeb interviewed a number of site leader.

certification effect is different

Wo Wo Group

is one of the first batch of the electronic commerce credit certification of enterprises. Wo Wo Group CEO Wang Yunming said in an interview is very satisfied with the certification authority and the effect of current. He said he had been on the China International Electronic Commerce Center had to understand that it is a professional certification body with certification.

Wang Yunming said the establishment of certification system is a good thing, the service attitude is certification agency responsible, to have the company’s office had to take pictures, data investigation, and will help enterprises to do publicity. In the actual business process, certification of Wo Wo Group for help and cooperation from the store.

the same as the first batch of certified enterprises, F group CEO lin ning believes that this certification to help users more, it is the user to choose the enterprise to play the role of reference standards. For the F group itself does not affect.

cool group CEO Zhang Wei also revealed that the company is applying for certification, he believes that China’s international e-commerce center should be certified, but the focus is on the significance of the certification. Zhang Wei said that from the point of view of the current Group buy certification is only played a certain role in the supervision and guidance.

for the cost of the problem, Lin and Wang Yunming both said the certification body should not be for profit purposes. Zhang Wei also believes that the cost should be diluted. He said, the charges are market behavior, but should also depend on demand".

threshold to raise or lower the

Zhang Wei think if you want to do certification, it should raise the threshold, set the standard before the influx of the company, in order to regulate the industry. He said it would be more meaningful if the licence was issued.

and lin ning hope that the certification is more fair, the threshold of the funds should not be too high. In addition, he said that the entire certification process is shorter, should improve the authority to invite more experts to discuss, as well as more third parties involved.

certification significantly chaos

Wang Yunming said it recently received a lot of phone calls to the company to join the certification, and the cost is not low. He said these problems need to attract the attention of the group buy. And disturb the normal order of blackmail and impose exactions on behavior can easily be such a good thing > into certification

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