What do you need to know about when a startup founder buys a domain name

lead: who is the owner of the domain name now? How much is the price of similar domain name? What is the domain name owner contact




domain name market can be said to be the most capricious, mysterious also say it’s not too little, and most of the time you will feel in the domain name market in many decisions cannot be out of their own choice. Those who contact me, want to buy the domain name, usually complained to me the same words, buy domain name is like a stone across the river, how should I do?

so now is the time to share my own experience, how to buy the domain name, the domain name, and how to assume the role of domain name intermediary. I will share my advice, tell the world’s good friends and start-up companies each step of the process, the following start quickly:

first step to determine who is the domain name owner

first, let us distinguish between "cybersquatting" and "domain name investors", because the two are completely different, so treat them the way it should be is not the same. Cybersquatters will usually result in infringement of the existing trademark, they will buy a variety of domain name and brand, some will choose to "blackmail" your brand, others will cause harm to your brand.

however, the company can through legal means, such as the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) to protect their own interests, if you happen to have this problem, in addition to understand the relevant information on the outside, can also send an email to me, I can recommend some lawyers to help you respond to your domain name belongs to chase.

domain name investors is not cybersquatting, they do not violate any law, in fact, they are very rational, because holding a large number of domain resources, but also very understanding of the market, will sell the domain name in the most appropriate time.

when we talk about domain names, one of the most important principles we need to know is pricing. If you do not understand the domain name pricing principle, in the vast majority of domain names may be at a disadvantage in the negotiations, so let me explain the domain name pricing in the usual way:

the price of a domain name will be based on who owns the domain name and dynamic changes.

usually I put the owner of the domain name is divided into three categories; individual domain name holders, they buy a domain name for personal use, the domain name investors, they buy the domain name as an investment, as well as enterprises, they will consider for future use to buy the domain name. Domain names are largely determined by the type of domain name owner. At the same time, this also means that you’ve decided that you want to buy a domain name, need to know who is the owner of the domain name.

There are a lot of domain name registration query services on the

market, so you can easily find the domain name owner, but I personally recommend the DomainTools.com site, because

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