Guest alliance tournament hot line in seven off from the BMW car

whitening skin spring brand and Admin5 station network jointly organized the "guest league tournament" in November 1, 2011 the hot line, the contest gathered multiple guest promotion master, whitening skin spring brand products can obtain 20% of the Commission, and BMW, as well as a variety of Apple Cruze automobiles, series of equipment battle has kicked off Hold could not join hegemony.

this contest for a period of 3 months, set up a green hand, 7, Deck the tree with bogus blossom. turn from a guest into a host of Raiders, each winner can get the award Raiders valuable.

more tournament details, please log on special topics address: http://s.bbs.admin5.com/yaoke  understand; if you wait, can also log in directly contest address directly participating Oh, entry address: http://s.www.xifuquan.com/lianmeng  .

whitening skin spring brand story:

whitening skin spring, a user is committed to solve skin problems "professional skin care brand, to win the trust of customers, service".

2008 is the whitening skin spring the day of the birth, the birth of experienced a tortuous course as the pregnancy in October, a trip abroad, an unexpected encounter, from meiguifang of "creating beauty" unremitting pursuit; when meiguifang first learned of "nano particles extraction technology"; the mission of the occupation meiguifang policymakers must take this technology, because he will lead a skin problem by thousands on thousands of Chinese on the spring of life, began in full bloom of life. "Beauty" is the eternal pursuit of mankind, and "creating beauty" is the eternal pursuit of meiguifang, with professional attitude, family like services, adhere to the spirit of creating a "dynamic skin penetration as Quan Xi" beautiful dream is responsibility and meiguifang go.

whitening skin spring to contest:

early in the November 2010 fair skin spring held "love digging will win" activities, whitening skin spring as the automobile brands sponsored millions of amount of promotion, eventually containing Cruze 5 cars all awarded promotion members, interested can log on the following website, see related activities information:

"treasures" dig hand! List whitening skin spring sponsored by Chevrolet automobile award officially announced the http://s.www.xifuquan.com/news/newscontent.aspx nid=14105


guest alliance tournament hot, look forward to your participation, more information can be added into the competition interaction Q group: 172477933, timely attention to live oh.

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