The news that jumei com tonight will be submitted PO application after the Jingdong after a planned


] April 11th news billion state power network, billion state power network exclusively learned that jumei.com will start tonight in the cosmetics business IPO application, listing locations may be selected in the United states.

in this regard, billion state power network contact jumei.com CEO Chen ou, the phone has been in a busy state. Another independent B2C Lasafo CEO Zhang Jing said, temporarily not heard a similar message.

however, billion state power network from sources close to Sequoia Capital was informed that jumei.com will announce the relevant information on tonight, but to disclose the specific circumstances too much. It is reported that jumei.com Sequoia Capital is Le bee network cosmetics two B2C investor.

according to the U.S. SEC overseas company IPO process speculated that the United States if the United States to submit a IPO application today, the need to submit a prospectus, and after the roadshow, at least not less than 3 months before the official listing.

in fact, at the beginning of this year, IPO news about jumei.com is disclosed, the amount of financing is $600 million, while the company’s valuation will be more than $3 billion.


CEO Chen Ou said, jumei.com in March last year has been profitable. Among them, the 2012 sales of 2 billion 500 million yuan, in 2013 sales of -100 billion yuan, is expected to generate $100 million in profits in 2013, in.

if the United States and the United States listed successfully, it may become the second year after the Jingdong plans to go to the United States IPO China electricity supplier website.

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