After the two half of the six months after the main line of the network again paralyzed collapse

Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Shao Lanjie) less than half a year on the line may be due to the closure of the business network again. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters yesterday found that in December last year, with the concept of open platform to re launch the mission treasure network, its dual domain names have been unable to visit.

buy navigation website group 800 founder Hu Chen told the Beijing Daily reporter, due to taking into account its funding problems, mission 800 in the first six months before the collapse of the group treasure has stopped cooperation. Beijing Daily reporter found that Groupon has 400 customer service phone number is empty, dianping.com had to suspend Groupon included, at the same time, Groupon in Sina’s official micro-blog group of single link has been unable to open, micro-blog in May 10th to stop the update. As of press time ago, the Group Po CEO any spring thunder phone is in a state of service. According to a person close to the person who said the spring, estimated not optimistic, is not willing to come out to say".

data show that the mission treasure network in April 2010 to complete the A round of $2 million 200 thousand financing in December 2010 to complete the B round equivalent to 200 million -3 billion yuan of financing. At the beginning of last year, Groupon came to bankrupt the company, CEO Ren Chunlei run away. Subsequently, Ren Chunlei responded that the company does have encountered financial problems, but promised to "Spring Festival holiday all business as usual after operation". However, this commitment is not fulfilled.

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