The perplexity of a young female programmer

I graduated a year, learning is the information technology professional, graduation time has not thought about what to do, want to do translation, but English although there are 6 cards, but not good spoken english. A little japanese. Because programmers do good work to find, in this line. I’m looking for a job in Dalian

In fact,

thought very simple, is that communication programmer compared to other work and people not so much, but also engage in technology will not have too many dark dirty things.
but after work I find that in fact is not a lot of people, sometimes not because the technology is good, but because of flattering or gifts and other reasons in the company well.
later years, they don’t want me, I was fired, even fired I am also very happy. But this time, I am not a fresh graduate, so when I look for a job, other companies are also demanding. Because I am good at Japanese, so I found a job smoothly. In fact, I do not have any work experience, but here requires 2 weeks to do a good job of 3 pages. Because I am very strong, do not want to be looked down upon, so I work overtime to complete the task. But here’s PL (the same man and I graduated from college, the same) on the project wrote his name. So the manager asked me to talk about my opinion, I did not progress, and so on. I am not convinced, second days to resign.
this is my experience of working for a year, I was very upset, I want to know what will become of female programmers, it really is not married to any company, or how hard we can get a little respect and social status, I want to go to Japan to work now, there my Japanese can be further improved, but now have two years of work experience, I am in a dilemma.

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