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webmaster story: my life second stop

I do not think I will go today such a no return,

high school fall, continuous repeat two years of high school, has experienced 3 times during that time, the college entrance examination, in the end what to do what, since I myself still do not know ~

went to Hangzhou, the United States to train fine arts, to the subsequent training of Fine Arts in Fuzhou, it is better to say that the Internet cafes fall.

at that time, I only play the game (when the legendary fire), on the Internet to see some of the three stream of hacking technology.

don’t be afraid, don’t worry, don’t give up

has always been to the identity of the readers in the webmaster online learning, see the article, today for the first time to write the article, but his literary talent is not good, write well let everyone laughed.

today a friend told me that there are three feelings of people do not, they are not afraid, do not worry, do not give up. Deep feelings.

: how to sing the same old song to improve web site traffic

how to improve the traffic is always a problem besetting the webmasters. Increase the amount of visitors to attract new visitors, but more important is to retain repeat customers, but this part of the total number of people accounted for the absolute proportion of people. You tell me, the worm translation of a Newsletter, is the story of how to keep coming back.

real SEO is to give up SEO

November 30th read an article, the title is: [Google laboratory research and development of new search mode can be customized search results, the effect is: " Google is testing a new web search interface, the interface displays the results will be affected by people’s preferences change. If you don’t like it, you can delete the search results from your keywords, and for the results you like, you can manually advance it.

Some opinions and suggestions on the operation of


management of the forum may have a feeling of the Webmaster: the forum is more difficult than the operation of the site can be visited by the search engine, and the essence of the forum in the popularity of.

first forum operators will make a people easy mistake: Forum contains the content is too broad. This will eventually lead to the contents of the forum to " but not " Guangzhou; direction. No one is willing to stay a waste of time in all aspects of half pot forums, many choices in the network, you may accidentally lost a user (user is God). Results it is the forum just shortly after the birth died. Not to mention the development faces. (in my opinion, may not be so serious) so that the first few blocks less open version, 35 is enough so, the forum fixed members, stable, and then add the appropriate.

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