Xiamen scholar selling car domain name chexiang com 6 digits

news December 20th, according to the domain name Forum ( news, recently held a "Xiamen scholar carriage" Larry domain in Xiamen according to the transaction, buyers should guess is Xiamen terminal, claimed that the domain name prices in six.


domain name whois information

According to the

name Chinese whois domain name query, domain names registered in 2005, there have been changes in the domain of information today, while the domain name holder for the Xiamen stone technology company, but now from the domain of whois and the information not related to the company.

and broke the news that the six digit trading, senior sources said the price of the domain name should not be high. Xiamen scholar Zhuang Liangji in the sector is also big figures, Tmall mall Larry domain, another Alibaba, 3P baccarat cheese domain domain name is sold through the Xiamen scholar.

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