Dai Zhikang opportunities for small and medium sized vertical industry segments

news recently, 2012 China webmaster General Assembly held in Chongqing Railway Station Nanping International Convention Center in Chongqing on April 21st, Kang Sheng company president, Discuz! Founder Dai Zhikang attended the meeting and made a keynote speech. Dai Zhikang in the 2012 Chongqing stationmaster Congress said that entrepreneurship is a road of no return, without the experience of business life is not complete, he shared his journey as an entrepreneur, and tells Discuz! A road, stick with the harvest.


figure: Dai Zhikang speech at the general assembly Chongqing Railway Station

in the general assembly, Dai Zhikang on the current Internet environment and the opportunity faced by the owners are described. Dai Zhikang believes that China’s Internet and foreign gap is relatively large, the station is in a highly repetitive, highly homogeneous competitive environment. Do not be small and not good, there are many aspects of the Internet can become the cornerstone of entrepreneurship and success. In the era of low growth rate of the user base, do a good job of vertical, do a good job of segmentation, do a good job in the industrial chain division of labor, do a good job in every aspect of the industry chain, is the opportunity for our small and medium-sized webmaster."

conference broadcast live Discuz! X2.5 promotional video, video of the Discuz! Has been described as a ship led forward station ride the wind and waves. It is understood that the Discuz version of the application center, system architecture, performance optimization, new features in the area of a substantial optimization and transformation of the code involved in the preparation of more than 500 thousand lines of. Among them, Discuz! X2.5 after the product version, all the new features will be in the form of applications through the Discuz Application Center for independent installation and independent upgrade. Discuz application center set up a sound evaluation mechanism and an effective security barrier, support online payment installation, to help the site quickly find safe and excellent templates, plug-ins and extensions. In the trial run of 2 months time, Discuz application center has more than 300 applications, the developers settled in 1100, the site selected to install the application of the third party, the number of applications installed more than 60000 cumulative.

Discuz! The application center is called the third opening of Discuz. Discuz! Application center is very much like Apple’s App Store, the function of modular, plug-in, the owners decide what to do, click to install, uninstall and upgrade. The Discuz and the first two opening is 2005, Discuz! Release "Discuz! Declaration" declared free open source; and in 2011, Discuz! Release Discuz! Cloud platform, the resources and ability of the Tencent to share the webmaster.

following Dai Zhikang in the 2012 Chongqing General Assembly speech excerpt:


dear webmaster friends good morning everyone. The first.

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