Webmaster daily broadcast Baidu search Tim mobile application site user experience is more important

1, the user experience has become the primary criteria for search engine evaluation website

Admin5 station network May 2nd news, Baidu today released Webmaster Platform "Web2.0 anti spam with Raiders" for sending spam information website at home and there are a lot of explicit criteria and coping strategies. In the Web2.0 anti spam Raiders in detail, which will be identified as the contents of Baidu garbage content. At the same time, Baidu has also made recommendations on how to deal with the rubbish in the face of the owners.

Google in February last year on the line known as the panda’s new algorithm, the goal is to crack down on a variety of low quality information content farms website. And recently they have a new algorithm called "Penguin" on the line, the goal is directed to the site by means of excessive SEO rankings. A5 SEO diagnosis suggested that the use of mass and other ways to increase the chain should be moderate, should enhance the site user experience to a more important position.

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2, Baidu search results will increase mobile applications show


technology news May 2nd evening news, Baidu Box Computing added new content, users in the mobile search application, the search results will show the preferred mobile applications, Baidu said the move will increase the conversion rate of mobile application download.

It is reported that

, which is Baidu ranking rules for users to search the application and optimization of the show, will to some extent solve the problem from the search application to process cumbersome installation application. Sina Technology through the actual experience found that all mobile applications are pointing to Baidu mobile application center, users can choose to download the page to the computer or mobile phone options.

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3, online shopping market size over $800 billion clothing online shopping performance


technology news May 2nd noon news, hoping to seek advice today released the investigation report, 2012 Chinese online shopping consumer report shows that 2011 Annual online shopping reached 809 billion yuan, accounting for over 4.4% of the total retail sales of social commodities, online shopping number reached 212 million, improve the permeability of online shopping in the Internet to 41.5%.

was affected by the traditional clothing manufacturers have force of e-commerce, China’s apparel online shopping continued rapid development, in 2011 the scale of China clothing online shopping market reached 267 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate of 20.6 percentage points higher than the overall online shopping market. Online shopping market size exceeds 800 billion per capita shopping amount increased significantly.

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4, China Post listing to finance the largest adult IPO project

in 9 billion 980 million

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