One second to save more than one person

Wenchuan, Sichuan in May 12th, a strong earthquake, the magnitude of up to 7.8, the affected population of hundreds of thousands of people. Community donations to the disaster area, and in the disaster assistance operations, the most obvious is the network increasingly influential.

in the first report, the network media before the release of the news media in Sichuan earthquake, and the epicenter, magnitude and other information have made an accurate forecast. Whether it is a traditional text reports, or recently very hot video reports, all reflect the characteristics of the "fast" in the network communication.

Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent and other portals, have only done a special topic page. Sina launched a blog to write a special event to send blessings, the scene is very moving. Sohu to play its advantages in entertainment, joint entertainment, sports and other celebrities jointly issued a disaster relief initiative. NetEase is in accordance with the practice of graphic based, detailed report provides the summary of the earthquake, and provides a map of the affected areas, including traffic, weather, life information and other information.

Tencent is a joint venture with the Red Cross Society of China Jet Li Foundation launched a joint donation, and in addition to online payment, but also to support the traditional post office transfers and mobile donations. In the process of raising social donations, e-commerce because of its fast and accurate characteristics, so that online donations become the first choice of many users.

Alibaba’s Alipay Alipay also launched the "early to donate a second, more save a" special action, the user can freely choose to Chinese foundation for poverty alleviation, China Red Cross, Hangzhou City Charity donations.

as a Alibaba owned by YAHOO Chinese, with hundreds of community colleges and universities, launched the "early action more than one second to rescue people, and took 100 thousand yuan prize, reward all over the country college super community, do the Wenchuan earthquake disaster relief and reconstruction of the contest.

finally trapped people rescued as soon as possible, we work together to tide over the difficulties.

comes with several portal LGLO. IT portal, is worthy of the vanguard of the earthquake relief!

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