Small group purchase website survival sample closures after the case of a tide

"our website usually two or three days will have a click, so everyone can think of our sales right?" officially launched in Guangzhou in September 2011 of a local group purchase network CEO Mr. Chen to ridicule the "China Times" reporter.


network group purchase sales performance since the establishment has been tepid, is currently hovering at the edge of collapse, and Mr. Chen experienced business pain, sadness is a microcosm of many earlier trend is difficult to endure the creation of group purchase website.

"small shrimp" bitter days

sales only in the beginning of the month, the rest of the time is not good." September 2011 before the line, the group has begun to operate the network, but the general performance. As for the specific monthly sales data, Mr. Chen is reluctant to disclose, only to disclose the results of the customer base is limited by the drag.

recalls when starting trouble, Mr. Chen told reporters frankly, your group purchase website in the inception and not enough money into propaganda, also encountered other small scale network group purchase less capital, small scale and other ills. Although it has been established for nearly a year, but the site has not been out of the publicity is difficult, low trust issues." Mr. Chen said.

and Mr. Chen founded the network is precisely the time to buy the domestic network blowout trend appears. According to group 800 statistics, as of September 2011, the number of domestic buy site reached its peak, a total of 5058. In a few years, growing food industry group purchase group purchase website to the cake, the law of the jungle rule in this period is more obvious.

no money publicity, resulting in our low visibility, the nature of the trust is much lower than other large group buying site." For the current plight of the website operation, Mr. Chen said that at present the group purchase website publicity by issuing leaflets, and which had on the site had word of mouth buying experience to achieve between customers. When the more difficult, they are a team of people to go to the scene to expand the influence of stall.

"this is our small shrimp tragedy." Chen also had thought and other buy site, through other financing channels to solve the problem of lack of gold, but because of the limited potential of the general small group buy site, it is difficult to be seen by investors. On the other hand, in terms of understanding of the financing and the actual operation, the operator is not easy to do such things.

Mr. Chen also revealed that before several of his friends in Guangzhou also operates several group purchase network, but it has been several network group purchase "destroy", and his friends to rent the store sales. They also feel that the network is not good to do this year is to buy a very cold year, do not eat fish fish, small fish themselves will disappear."

closures after the debt collection tide

in the domestic network to buy the whole encounter severe cold environment, and business

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