Do a few shallow suggestions to promote medical soft

medical soft from first to last is a controversial subject, some people say it revolutionized the medical network marketing model, to create considerable economic value, some people think that it is made up excessive, cheating consumers feeling more in name than in reality. The people who love it every day, hundreds of thousands of pieces of bombing, deliberate speculation; hate it, teeth, together with all available forces, slander, pressure. But objectively speaking, the medical soft as a springboard for traditional medical advertisements leap forward, with beautiful words and pictures to appease patients with broken hearts, give confidence and hope, its ultimate goal is reached between the buyer and seller transaction, to achieve purchasing power, spread the brand value. Naked, but it’s true. However, this road is not smooth sailing in medical literature, just like life, full of frustration, there are inherent flaws, there are external unrest. Some people are happy, some people worry. How to go more long, small make up the following points are not without effect.

first, consider the situation, pay attention to the industry dynamics, market demand.

as the saying goes: "behind closed doors, like the long end on the basis of one-sided viewpoint!". A person’s strength is always limited, a person’s vision is limited. The development of any thing has its rules at all, medical soft Wen release is also so. In today’s surrounded by Baidu under the background of the times, rely on Baidu as a guy to eat, what is Baidu? What the hair, the hair is not what? What better? We have to seriously ponder, analysis. For example, Baidu said don’t send articles about drugs, then you don’t, Baidu said, the title does not appear fuzzy vocabulary, then you do not honest personal independence of conduct. Some people say, "the best help often comes from your competitors, see more promotion mode of others, from the aspects of comparison, find the gap, it may inadvertently lead to small found is the screw nail you fail! What media resources such as people use soft? What are the characteristics of writing, how about the website construction? Certainly a place worthy of our study. At the same time, it is well known that all service industries have such a purpose, that is, the customer is God, from another point of view, we can understand that the customer needs is the direction we should strive for. Only let the customer satisfied, then the performance of the party can make us satisfied.

second points, looking for highlights, to enlarge the advantages of

said, "there are no two identical leaves in the world", and the same is true of hospitals. No hospital is the same as others, we have more or less their own characteristics. So the first thing we need to do is to find a bright spot, we had the best quality, the lowest price of our products, our service is our best, the most timely information? Technology, experience, teachers, funds and so on each aspect to find, we can always find the spot belongs to us. The second step, zoom highlights. With the development of the times, people’s minds are also changing, some people think that rather than tirelessly

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