First soldier after the ceremony the young bright weapon

How many people have for SEO and

. Many people have to make every effort, because the SEO night bald, how many people are standing in the crossroads SEO regardless of how many people and things, because SEO frustrated


SEO should not accept

SEO I don’t know how many people have a way of thinking, I just know that we should not be submissive, life teaches us to be successful, we also know that if we through their own efforts to create the result is what we want most, now look at the state of their own, whether every day you are still in the chain of distress, whether every day is original and headache, whether every day in order to rank the lifting and suck


a lot of people every day in order to own a meal and do the work, many times I have clear with these people said, your life seems very relaxed, going to work every day, send the chain, see the website data, and then work to play the game, clubbing, the sister of

?When we meet the

website ranking drop, the site has been K, when working for a long time ranking did not change, if you beat the table with rage, and strong, stare, gas, and then at Baidu, last year I bought a table, but after an hour, or continue to drink coffee in the, chat, look at the data, just like things with your Never mind too much, scold, vent and forgot about what is going on, or with the use Baidu Search says, "the website not included?", "how to restore the site is K", "website the rapid increase in ranking". When you can’t search, just started the process, how to do? Do not know, I can’t find the way, I do not know what to do, just right, and then holding his lucky heart waiting for Baidu to give you


this word if you tell some fantastic tales, to understand what it means, you will know what you will have effect? Many people will say: "excuse me social corners worn out, so that I can see more, I can only wait, or ignore it". I just want to say, no aspirations of the people, if you want to succeed, then went to the station to buy a two lottery lottery, so you can full of opportunities a little high, or make up a beautiful or handsome, a bit, to seduce the godfather, the actual Fupo said this to come! A lot of people will say, you’re a sarcastic ridicule we still have a chance of success, so, I am very clear to tell you, I have a little sarcastic ridicule, you only see the surface of successful people, but can not see the success of the efforts of everyone, complain about their bad life, complain that life is too unfair to himself I just want to say, you can complain about.

when we develop the submissive personality, then your life can be basically fixed, so you want to be successful, immediately change you make or break, a point that is


SEO should not be trampled upon


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