Three state borrowing and digital marketing innovation and dedication

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the popularity of the Internet, so that the evolution of traditional marketing network marketing, the prevalence of mobile Internet, so that the network marketing into digital marketing. From advertising to fine and come to the inheritance of the essence of traditional marketing era, learn new ideas, to a higher level, broader horizons. Thanks to the innovative interactive, Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Peugeot Ying; Sheng Zhongguo; Wan Si Jiu Fu, mobile finance; poly wins Wanhe MediaV, SIEMENS appliances; new media, Remy Martin CLUB; send Ruiwei line, click Cheil, OpenTide carpool; Taikang adsame technology; Hand-Pulled Noodle, Ajisen HYLINK, telunsu; interactive; Hawaii Tourism Bureau, the International Union made jointly and with digital marketing case.

is a state: Dongfeng to take this chance to sail

The first level

digital marketing is the occasion".

first a brief review of the development of modern marketing. Before the popularity of the Internet, marketing is the main media, television media and other traditional channels as the carrier, through advertising, dissemination of information to hundreds of millions of consumers. This period of marketing, advertising, simple and crude, regardless of whether the consumer needs, are surrounded by various kinds of advertisements, advertisers often need to get hit heavily just passable effect. The media development was to determine the limitations of marketing, not targeted advertising, consumers do not buy it, the rate of return is low, and were often a strong aversion to consumers. Only a very good advertisement can really spread, the minds of consumers.

after the popularity of the Internet, marketing access to a wider dissemination of channels, that is, network, network marketing came into being. During this period, marketing broke through the boundaries of print media, television media and other traditional channels, network channels to expand. Due to the rapid spread of the network, more extensive coverage, was once sought after by the marketing industry. The web and video website full of banner ads, pop-up ads. However, the user gradually produced a rejection of the good times don’t last long, this type of advertising, network marketing channel dividend gradually consumed, the advantage is gradually lost. Even the pop ads inventor sigh, regret developed bad functions such as affecting the normal user experience. The bottleneck of network marketing is to increase the way of marketing communication, marketing content and no substantial enrichment and promotion.

in such a situation, the arrival of the mobile Internet era can be described as the right time to break the plight of the network marketing. Intelligent mobile phone withalmost, compared to the behavior of consumers and the traditional Internet era, resulting in significant changes in mobile, fragmentation, interactive experience gradually become the norm, produced a new profit growth point, digital marketing both content and channels to borrow potential, homeopathy and long.

after several years of development, digital marketing with excellent results attracted the favor of all walks of life. Automotive industry as the main force in the field of marketing, digital marketing has become the main force of the times, the major auto brands have to join them

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