To do BBS new Adsense

as a meet the requirements of the BBS site, first of all to express your blessing: as long as your intentions, success will belong to you!

When the

N method to improve site traffic when flying in (I had a similar post), as the new owners may enter a misunderstanding, that improve the flow by the means of promotion can be stable, in fact, is completely mistaken, because they do not consider some basic questions, again good promotion will seem pale. According to my 2 years BBS management experience, method, some of the most basic BBS station is wrong, please do not throw bricks


1, a good name is the first step of success, the name please do not have to be too strong, the BBS station to do a positioning: for example, the leisure class or class or information, to take a good BBS station, must demonstrate their individuality.

2, according to the positioning foundation section, please don’t be in a new BBS station just opened when they fall into the open on several pages, because the layout and content of the post open easily, but not so fast to improve it, proposed to open 4 to 5 basic layout, to improve the flow up, etc. according to the development demand and layout, don’t stop with my own ideas and layout, this makes sense, especially the membership is not easy to adapt to

3, copy, reprint is certainly exists, but it should have a degree, a BBS station if all rely on copying the content, it is not a regular visitor, which requires the BBS webmaster need to consider what content as its own characteristics, which is the original, let visitors and members feel, want to know that the content must be into the BBS station to see

4, BBS is present in the form of discussion, if there is no discussion of the BBS station is not a real BBS station, a new start is not a few people to visit certainly, this time there are some tricks, you as a manager, please register several Ma3 jia3, with different posts to vest and you, allow access to feel their own existence is valued, so slowly accumulated, after a long time, there will be a number of you stand a member of

5, when there is a certain number of members, as a private station BBS administrator, you can consider looking for your station requirements owner pulled from those often visitors, a good owner can take a page, this will depend on your eyes, mainly from these aspects to consider: online on the station, concerned about the heat, relationship with other members, whether the appeal of

etc.6, when the

content and the number of members reached a certain conditions, as the management of you, will focus on how to arouse the enthusiasm of the members, so that they promote your station to their friends, their friends and friends of friends to join you in the development of BBS station, can be done from the following aspects discussion: station held regularly (membership must reach a certain number of regional stations can be organized) meeting, festival >

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March 6, 2017