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do not know where to come today, ready to send an article on the Admin5, since the exposure to the webmaster network, really should be the words of them – – webmaster will be on the site. Read every day to write the soft Wen predecessors, what good, think about it, to see if there is no relevant. What pull, not much to say, to support the webmaster network, support Zhang eldest brother.

the Internet every day a habit, take a look at your website, and then open the email, and then open the campus network, because the students are there, so the students move, you can have an understanding, this is the so-called user stickiness. Do you know why SNS is so hot? That could be a reason. Campus network has just opened an open platform. QQ alumni still beta, do not know can not shake the school, let us wait and see. After the opening of the students to see the dynamic, to see what the students have something new, to see a shared log.

we see later, what should be understood. This log is to share a lot, if one of your classmates to share this log, all of your friends can see this log, I saw several students are accepted, saw several times, feeling like a viral marketing is the. I will not send a specific website, so as not to say that I. Log comments back to several pages, some also say thank you, good. Said a lot of thanks, I can do to bring convenience to people, but also to promote their own websites, Why not?.


everyone from here to think of what can be promoted everywhere. What better advice or exchange the world: 273818659

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webmaster network: link specification finally said that his station: Shandong Provincial Water Conservancy Technical College Forum (which is what it is in a flagrant way) campus station or education station to do link. If you want to connect directly to the ok. Thanks。

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March 6, 2017