n order to impress the women these 12 ads than the boyfriend also intentions


enjoy the female brand advertising, you will find the bubble and advertising are exactly the same, but knowing who you are (product features uppercase BOLD), understanding her characteristics (common is universal basic demands, is characteristic of differentiated competitive market segmentation, to her (her dream) simulation scenarios and mentality), see through her heart needs (then tell her heart to her), plus bonus items to humor oh.

next, we eat 12 chestnuts, to see how these women’s brand is to find their own point of view, touched the hearts of women.

a, handsome, they rushed out to shine the world

if you are special enough, you start to win in the first step.

The so-called

product features bold capitals, is your advantage. Capital is the focus of the bold, knock on the blackboard. Have a smile very little face, desperately to love the people laugh. You are a unique secret weapon, let everyone know you are awesome. You are so different, of course, do not hesitate to say.


– Fuyanshu Jie wash more healthy

red fruit product function is introduced, the impression seems to be a concept of Jieyin lotion from Fuyanshu Jie started, first saw is subversion visit, even though it does not communicate with others, but there is still a city will play the breath, and now the advertising language are not forgotten.


THINX-Underwear women with for periods

female menstrual underpants know? Not a diaper that Oh, she and ordinary long underwear 10 Fen, but can be used in the menstrual period, and no leakage, belong to "the woman menstruation that little thing" and a revolutionary bomb. Product is selling point, is so capricious.


Underwear for women with periods./ special woman that what period within


THINX is strength, freedom and, dignity for all women./ tough, free personal, respect all women


. – charm, from deep-sea

proya advocating ocean care concept, then in "water" on the full article, Hawaii deep sea water, sea ice in the Arctic landscape, Tahiti deep charm from the deep sea and so on, selling this endorsement, listen very Niubi up really.


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