On the development and innovation of domestic e commerce

in 2009 is the first choice of e-commerce business circles are unanimously recognized. In December 17th last year, Shanghai business school and iResearch in Beijing jointly launched " 2009 China e-commerce innovation development forum, " see from many experts forum, e-commerce has been widely recognized, and gradually mature. Why e-commerce will become the first choice for business?

1, business model is clear, and there are many successful cases, investors are also concerned about this piece.

2, mature free shop system can be used directly, eliminating the expensive development costs.

3, online shopping habits to be Taobao, Dangdang and other early training platform, you do not need to convince and train users, after the establishment of the shop you just need to do a good job promotion.

4, online payment has been resolved, Alipay, caifutong, online banking and other users have been familiar with.

The four

e-commerce business to create a day, allowing entrepreneurs to save time and effort to save money, as long as there are good products, people buy a domain space, download and install a shopex, a B2C site on the line, and if in a few years ago may take several years to develop programmers spend a few months complete.

How to innovate


electricity supplier innovation is no longer a technical aspect, mature system has shopex, no need to go to the development of the current innovation focus on marketing innovation, service innovation, product innovation. The current online shopping market has a turnover of nearly 100 billion, accounting for half of Taobao, the other half of the B2C companies. Electricity supplier companies how to operate, the author summarizes some successful experience according to some successful companies:

1, the brand for the first: let users continue to become customers, must be based on the brand loyalty and trust based on, therefore, focus on brand design and promotion, is a necessary condition for success.

2, user experience: a good experience is to ensure that the basic conditions for the purchase of a single user, but also to promote the trust of the brand.

3, precision marketing: including website optimization, network promotion, industry promotion, training, such as the user community.

4, learn from traditional marketing: e-commerce is still the nature of the marketing category, the traditional discount strategy, repeat strategy for the electricity supplier is still applicable.

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