Electricity supplier competition from product sales to financial management


launched the balance of treasure and Ali launched a series of retail stores such as Meiyijia etc. can be directly to the shop to pick up the online payment and other functions, other electricity providers began to sit still. In the field of business development has been more radical Suning unwilling thereafter, also recently launched their own financial tools, coins treasure, in addition, WeChat also launched its own financial products financial links, and Baidu’s high-profile on-line Baidu finance company, NetEase NetEase Tim gold plan"…… The bustling internet war kicked off again.

can not be denied, from the flow of traffic to attract customers to buy into the proceeds of the marketing model, financial management seems to have a more direct and greater advantage. From the financial to buy, is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change. On the other hand, the Internet has a greater advantage of financial management is the combination of online and offline, O2O hot again because of the development of the mobile Internet and become hot, becoming more likely to develop. In order to clarify the trend of the development of this market, we first look at the current market these internet financial products.

balance treasure

balance treasure launched by Alibaba group, is based on third party payment platform on a value-added service products. Balance treasure main gains, users can always use the balance of treasure to pay for the transfer of funds and services, without charging fees. In addition, the balance of treasure and line some store opened up marketing channels, users can directly online payment or point-to-point payment, can take goods, without queuing pay such distress.

features: high income, no fees, payment simple, cash fast

Baidu hundred hair and Baidu financial B

Baidu hundred hair and Baidu financial B is the launch of Baidu’s financial products, 100 hair before, Baidu is also on the line of hundred earn financial products. But the difference between the products does not seem to be. According to legend, 100 after the launch, only on December 23rd, Baidu financial center financial platform page peak is two times prior to creating China fund industry sales records of Baidu money B, sales unpopular. In the sales process, nearly 10 million large influx, and was caused by the banking system pressure.


1, the minimum investment threshold of 1 yuan;

2, limited edition;

3, after sale support fast redemption, instant cash;

4, Baidu financial center and Huaxia Fund cooperation;

5, guaranteed by China investment Guarantee corporation.

zero treasure

treasure was launched by Su ningyun and GF fund cooperation of a financial product, launched yesterday. Suning financial product manager Lin Kairong said "treasure coins on normal shopping, payment, including payment, daily life utility, including mobile phone calls, including credit cards, including hotel and train tickets for this class.

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