How to achieve the maximum effect of light marketing mode of group purchase


in recent years, with its large group purchase discount, convenient consumption by more and more Tianjin consumers, according to the local consumer platform public comment 2012 Tianjin city of Tianjin in the first half of the taste of life, a total of about 1600000 single group purchase group, a total of consumers to save about 62000000 yuan. In attracting consumers at the same time, the group is also a lot of local businesses in Tianjin to bring a lot of traffic, but after the end of the group how to continue to maintain the enthusiasm of consumers has become a hot topic of concern. In this regard, held in Tianjin in October 31st 2012 public comments on the forum, the Tianjin merchant gives a solution: let the customer see the first light marketing approach to continuous exposure to the brand by providing "electronic coupon" download and "keyword promotion".

consumers: buy a year to save thousands of dollars

in the eyes of a friend, in a peaceful area of a company’s work, Wang Qing will be financial, because she went out to eat together must be affordable and satisfied. In Wang Qing opinion, this secret is nothing more than a public comment on the consumer reviews, and then choose the right group. "Usually use the gap to work by bus or the queue to browse meet the right of group purchase, or orders, etc. then when you need to use them, if there is no group purchase electronic coupons, I will download the spare time, can save a lot of money," Wang Qing said.

this, just in the public comment on the 61% off groups under the Han Luoyuan double package worth 195 yuan Zhao Kai agreed, "at least once a week to eat outside and his girlfriend at the time, group purchase can save a lot of money, now catering group purchase in 3-7 basic fold, almost a year can save thousands of yuan, Zhao Kai." said.

according to the 2012 Tianjin city public comment on the taste of life map data, the first half of this year a total of about 1600000 single Tianjin group purchase group, the average discount rate of 66% off, a total of Tianjin residents to save about 62000000 yuan, for the person to buy a pancake fruit.

businesses: around smart consumer psychology do marketing

for the consumer "smart" consumer psychology, but also makes many businesses gradually pay attention to the network marketing, electronic coupons and group purchase will start, keyword promotion and other services for the opening of new stores, the off-season marketing and new product release.

recently popular brand new duck king Roasted Duck imperial catering department main Lu flavor of traditional dishes, duck dishes and Roasted Duck palace, the boss and the kitchen team from Quanjude, but because it is the creation of a new brand, market awareness is not high, how to improve store popularity, brand awareness has become a problem of businesses face. Since April this year, it launched a number of activities in the public comment activities, good dishes and attractive prices to attract a large number of consumers, but also to bring a series of good reputation. After the end of the group, and follow up the electronic coupons and keyword promotion, etc.

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