Ninety nine percent of the Amazon business ideas

cross-border electricity supplier has experienced the traditional exhibition, the traditional import and export of large orders and similar Amazon, eBay, aliexpress, wish and other mainstream platform for online transactions.

for the current hot Amazon platform business is now the general perception of what I am Jiang Huan, I think there are many errors.

what is the relationship between us and Amazon?

this is a question of understanding the fundamental Amazon, many sellers think that Amazon is the source of traffic, yisifumu. Abide by the rules, account security, maintenance posts, deal with customer complaints and so on, these general perception can be derived to Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other electronic business platform, as well as Google, Baidu and other search engines. The truth is, the only problem is that all of this is based on the platform and the product.

I think we should base our understanding of all business activities on the basis of our customers.

The is the list in!


yes, the money in the customer list, which is the essence of business, if you do not clearly understand this point, a lot of business behavior is just a simple behavior, can not be extended to other areas and space.

for the Internet platform has a lot of argument, such as: traffic is king, link king, content is king, the product is king, the platform is king, etc.. In fact, it is not as good as the list.

Amazon platform or Google search engines, product or organization, supply chain, human resources are the basis of relationship between you and the customer, customer is to complete the dream of the carrier.

you may be the result of the sale of the platform is given to complete the flow, perhaps these customers are platform customers, but in the end these customers in the completion of the transaction is their customers. Without their own customers and do not pay attention to their customers’ business is not strong.

all platforms should only be our partners, bring value with the best products to their customers, the platform flow is to reward our extra idea only, say GREE is the best proof of this. Otherwise it will only be reduced to the online platform Amazon, eBay, tmall or offline channels Gome, Suning and other channels suppliers.

how to maintain our own brand and customer relationship? There are a variety of ways, is relatively simple social platform, e-mail, telephone, QQ, WeChat, Facebook, etc..

some people may ask, why should pay attention to these? I own all the sales are electronic business platform to ah.

I think the nature of the problem is not aware of the power of other social relationships, in fact, whether it is a Q>

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