ndia is the biggest shopping season approaching Amazon sprinkle heavily on

[Abstract] Ma’s other key goal is to attract potential buyers and first-time buyers. The explosive growth of smartphones in India has made it possible for hundreds of millions of buyers and sellers to trade through the internet.


science and technology Tencent [editor’s note] Bloomberg pointed out that in the India grand Diwali festival is approaching, Amazon and other major electricity supplier has already done the showmanship preparation, analysts pointed out that this year will affect the success or failure of the establishment of India in the future electricity market pattern. The following is a summary of the article.

two years ago, Amazon founder and CEO Geoff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) in Bangalore in India clothing, take the rainbow color car, posing for photographs. Bezos to do so is not only to promote the establishment of a year before the Amazon India website, but also in advance of this emerging electricity supplier market bet on their reputation.

currently, Amazon India website sales of goods reached 80 million, more than 12 businesses, and has more than 20 warehouses. The disciples of Bezos, Amazon in India manager and vice president Amit – gaoual (Amit Agarwal) is committed to before the Diwali festival shopping season makes the Amazon sales among the India electricity supplier in the first.

Diwali is one of India’s busiest shopping season, people buy a variety of gifts are gifts, including clothing, electronic products, jewelry and cars etc.. According to RedSeer Consulting said that this year the Diwali festival in the Indian electricity supplier on consumption will reach $1 billion 700 million.

India’s largest electricity supplier Flipkart and its local rival Snapdeal has realized that under the strong offensive in the Amazon, they will face a severe test this year. The three home appliances are a lot of ads in newspapers, billboards and television programs, launched the Diwali discount merchandise. Row lamp energy consumption accounted for 1/3 of the annual electricity supplier in India. This is not only related to the future of the electricity supplier in India, but also related to Amazon’s expansion plan in the world. Amazon’s global expansion plan since the conquest of market failure and become Chinese teeter.

private Holdings Company India Value Advisors partner, angel investors Fund (Haresh Chawla), said: this season may determine who is the final winner. The loser will become anxious, and the winner will be able to build inner confidence and be prepared for a bigger one."

in India to contact the consumer is never easy, if you want to know how difficult it is to ask Unilever and Procter & Gamble will know, the two companies to enter the India market has spent decades of time. There are 22 official languages in India. In addition, India local supply chain inefficient property, high cost, lack of skilled workers, poor infrastructure and packing.

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