Network fraud scam online shopping in the name of a refund for personal information

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After the

5 message beep sound, 25900 yuan home Yan Zhen Kuang camphor tree village of Cixi, Ms. Du bank card, all take wings to itself. Just to the shopping site server provides a bank card number, ID number and SMS verification code, and did not leak the bank card password, how the money will not be


and her family went to the Cixi police station Kuanyan burning with impatience, encounter online fraud report. After investigation, the money does not transfer the liar account, but on behalf of Ms. Du, bought a fund of money soon returned to the bank account of ms..

liar spent so much thought, but did not turn the money away, how is this going on?

shopping site suffered a refund

5 text messages after 25900 yuan did not

More than 3

in the afternoon of March 16th, Ms. Du bought 200 yuan cosmetics in a shopping site, readily paid.

at 7 in the evening, she got a call. A man claiming to be the site of the shopping service, the standard Mandarin, said that because of network problems can not be shipped, to purchase more than 200 yuan to return to Ms. Du’s bank card, ask her to provide the card number.

is a refund, not for money should not have what problem? Ms. no doubt, provides the construction bank card number, and in the man’s request, to be informed of the name and identity card number.

didi a few voices, Ms. Du’s phone has received 5 verification code. The phone, man asked Ms. verification code one by one to tell her, Ms..

"well, thank you for your cooperation. The refund will soon be in your bank card." The man hung up the phone, Ms. checked the account, almost did not scream in her card: 25900 yuan, have all been consumption.

is not cheated? Ms. Du is hesitant to call the police, the man called again. "Because of system reason, your card is deducted 25900 yuan. Please go to the bank ATM machine to operate according to my request, the money can be deducted to return bank card."

This time, Ms.

had a mind to stay, she and her family to discuss, think things are strange. According to the usual police and banks are often prompted to prevent telecommunications fraud content, the family realized that met a liar, hastened to Ms. du to the police station alarm.

The interpretation of

Tracy: today, a lot of online shopping and online banking, in shopping or other business, does not necessarily need to enter the bank card password, ID number and mobile phone verification code also can replace the password for business. So, do not think that there is no leakage of the password is safe, and the rest of the relevant information, especially the phone verification code, not free to inform others.

money in a fund account

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