Pay for copywriting training n fact free is the most expensive

this article from the "free is the most expensive," the beginning of this sentence.

from the beginning of 2010, Yu of extraordinary technical field of hackers gradually to the field of network marketing transformation, in some network marketing and network training, the training instructor most often say that I mentioned this sentence – free is the most expensive, but when possible because of the mind is still immature, what is not too deep understanding of this sentence, at the time of some things in the understanding of Internet marketing or habitually and technology in the field of thinking together, feel free is the most expensive "meaning should be a lot of hacker training network station charge a few hundred dollars or a thousand courses in the Internet there are a lot of free learning, these free courses are great value. I believe that many of the network may be the same as I thought at the time.


but then I realized that people have different positions and different ways of thinking.

6 years ago, my understanding of this sentence is wrong, because 6 years ago I was standing on the perspective of consumers to understand this sentence, I continue to participate in the training, the equivalent of consumers have been buying products, see a product, a service will be used to stand in the consumer consider the product is good, the service is not my own need? This is because of the inertia of thinking in the past time, the beginning has been to buy the product in watching their parents since I was born, to buy their own products, buy their own services, thus develop this thinking position.

after 2011, after I started making my own training, Taobao open shop, a series of IDC products, agent service promotion website construction, since I have been in the business point in processing products, so the inertia of thinking form again, for a word, a product, a service, my first reaction was this the product market demand? This service can expand my income


has not found my change? The position has changed, and the angle of inertia is forced to change. So for free is the most expensive "this sentence has been recognized, is not to say that we pay for piracy free learning curriculum is the most expensive, but we free learn something greater than the value of things to pay. When it comes to this, today’s topic is officially opened, pay to participate in copywriting training is really I do not advocate, but I do not advocate is "pay", because the free is the most expensive.

first, we stand in the position of copy writing training, provide training institutions or individual writing are advertised as "new media training", and is part of the previous training in order to develop their own Wangzhuan site the site of new training courses, there is some segments of the writing training, in other words it people will not only provide copy writing, as the "new media training" in addition to writing, but also a kind of self training media operation training. Cost of training

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