WeChat public account quickly increase the amount of fans marketing analysis

with the government of WeChat public account and submit to the Tencent’s management, the government will look management decentralization, but in fact WeChat public account management has become more strict, because if the Tencent management, it will cause the corresponding punishment for an enterprise constitute punishment, for the enterprise will suffer heavy losses so WeChat public account recently to promote the added powder becomes very difficult.

but in the world of marketing, there is always a policy, there are countermeasures, as long as you can cut into the core of the policy, and accordingly innovative marketing, the same can get good marketing results. Moreover, WeChat itself has social, is also an important carrier of the construction of marketing network, so only need to make appropriate innovation, will also get good marketing effect, this paper summarizes several methods for promotion of powder, and a solid foundation for your marketing career lay.

first, the combination of online and offline promotion. This method can be very effective, if we walk in the city in the high streets and back lanes will inadvertently, we found a billboard on a two-dimensional code, but also provides a lot of exciting activities in the two-dimensional code next to, such as scanning the two-dimensional code in a certain activities, will be able to enjoy half off discount, or even a free meal, but the premise is how many before. Since this optimization, I believe there will be a lot of people heart, although there are many restrictions in front, but there are always a lot of people think they will now scan, still catch up, so this activity can you get a lot of fans public account.

second, through a variety of network platform to promote. This method is the most primitive, but also the most important link. Perhaps this promotion powder method is not able to get a lot of fans in a short time for you in the public account, but with you persevere propaganda, especially based on soft paper, micro video propaganda mode, to build a large number of public accounts on the Internet, then you can upgrade the brand in the public accounts in the intangible. So when you use your public account using other innovative marketing methods, it can effectively enhance the credibility of your public account, which is more critical for the promotion of public accounts of the latter.

third, the promotion of viral. Although it has been restrained to a certain degree, but the importance of the circle of friends is undoubtedly very important, but also the best approach for viral spread. Before we can get fans to reprint hot news events, but now because of the Tencent on the news management is very strict, this way of marketing must be careful, otherwise if the rumors is a public account, then the previous efforts will be wasted.

but we will always be a better method for viral powder, that is to use the promotion now people health attention to viral, such as the release of a large number of health or health information using your public account, of course, the premise must be correct, but also with the focus of attention, such as cervical >

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